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Sea freight is the main mode of transportation for global import and export businesses. Low prices, high-volume loading, full container load (FCL) or less than a container load (LCL) options, are advantages that make ocean shipping the first choice for the most Canadian importers.

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• Shipment Type – LCL/FCL

Less Than Container Load (LCL)
If the quantity of your goods is small and its volume is less than 15CBM, the freight forwarder will help you ship your goods by LCL. This enables importers to ship smaller amounts of cargo, which doesn’t have the right volume to make Full Container Load a viable option. This means your cargo is combined with other shipping cargos for the same destination.
When LCL goods arrive at ports, they can be delivered by truck or by express companies because of their small size and relative flexibility. LCL uses CBM (Cubic Meter) as measurement unit to calculate the freight cost.

Full Container Load (FCL)
FCL refers to when the quantity of your goods is large enough that it can be put in at least one container. In this case, the freight is calculated on an FCL basis. FCL shipment will be loaded and sealed at origin by your supplier, then shipped to your final destination.

Air Freight from China to Canada

Air transportation is suitable for goods that are urgent in time, or the unit price of the goods is high, but the quantity of the goods is small (300-500kg).
Shipping time for air freight is represented by the time required for booking shipping space, flight time, and local delivery time in the Canada.
With this mode of transportation, the delivery time and price are more flexible than sea freight because you can choose non-stop transfer or charter services, with different airline routes. In general, experienced freight forwarders will divide the air freight from China to Canada into three categories:
• Economic air freight: the delivery time is 6-13 days, the price is economical, and this mode of transportation is suitable for goods with low time requirements (no dangerous goods, oversized, or temperature-controlled goods).
• Standard air freight: the delivery time is 4-7 days, reasonable price and shorter time.
• Emergency air freight: the delivery time is 1-4 days, speed priority, suitable for time sensitive goods (perishable goods).

 Express Shipping from China to Canada
1. Advantages of express shipping
Express shipping is the fastest and easiest mode of transportation from China to Canada, when compared to sea or air freight. With express, you won’t have to worry about duty payments and customs clearance. You will also be able to track your goods at any time and plan accordingly.
Therefore, find an express company with a reasonable offer and wait for your goods to arrive at your door.
2. Express Service Process
Each freight forwarder has its own set of operating procedures. Here I will only introduce my company’s procedures. I hope something will inspire you.
1. Fill and submit the quote with your shipping information.
2. We respond within 12 hours.
3. If you don’t like our terms, we can discuss more until we come to an agreement.
4. We will book the space from the carrier after we have contacted your supplier and rechecked everything.
5. You won’t have to worry about the inland delivery to out warehouse. We or your supplier will arrange that.
6. We will communicate to you the chargeable weight.
7. You will pay the costs.
8. Your shipment will be delivered to the courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.)
9. Wait for your goods to be delivered to your door.
We will track your shipment and keep you updated until you receive your goods. Overall, we will help you reduce the costs, improve your services, minimize the delays, and raise your performance.

How can you make sure that your shipment is delivered on time?

Sometimes the delivery time can differ with a day or two, but in general is always fixed, and no freight forwarder can offer faster shipping than others.
Here is a list with things you can do to avoid getting your shipment delayed:
a. The declared customs value must match your commercial invoice and bill of lading. Always make sure that that information is correct.
b. Make your orders according to the FOB terms, and make sure your supplier prepares all the documents in time (including the export clearance documents).

c. Don’t wait until the last day your goods are ready to ship. Ask your forwarder to contact your supplier a few days before.
d. Buy a customs bond with at least one month before the goods arrive in the Canadian port.
e. Always ask you supplier, and be specific, to use high-quality packaging, to prevent your goods from being repacked before shipment.
f. In order for your shipping documents to be completed in time, always pay the balance and freight cost on time.
You can also consider splitting your shipping in two, if you are running late. One part (let’s say 20%) is delivered by air, while the rest (80%) is shipped by sea. Thus, you can stock up just one week after the production run is completed. 

Shipping to Amazon Canada

With the continuous rise of e-commerce business, shipping from China to Amazon in Canada has become very popular. But this process is not simple; every link is directly related to the profit of your Amazon business.
Of course, you can entrust your supplier to ship the goods directly to your Amazon address, which looks simple and convenient, but they will also have to contact a Chinese freight forwarder to transport your goods. The difference in the middle is also a large fee, and when you ask about the status of your goods, they often respond slowly.
In the following, we will mainly share what you should know when you choose to use freight forwarding, or what kind of requirements can you ask them.

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1. Require picking-up or to consolidate your goods
In order to make it as convenient as possible, your freight forwarder will contact your supplier, pick up the goods to their own warehouse, and help you store them until you need them. Even if your goods are not at the same address, they will collect them separately, and then send them to you in a unified package, which is a time-saving and labor-saving choice.
2. Product/goods inspection
When doing Amazon business, your reputation and free from damage products is what matters. When you are shipping from China to Canada you will need a cargo agent to do one last inspection of your goods (in China). All requirements can be met, from the inspection of the outer box, to the quantity, quality, and even product photos or other needs. Therefore, you need to keep a clear line of communication with the freight forwarder as much as possible to ensure that your products are delivered to the Amazon center safely and in time.
3. Amazon preparation services such as labeling
If you are a new e-commerce seller, then you need to rely on the additional services of a freight forwarder because Amazon products always have their own rules.
Cargo agents often have years of experience and will ensure that your product meets Amazon’s requirements. And doing these preparations in advance such as FNSKU labeling, packaging, poly bagging, bubble wrap, and so on, in the Chinese warehouse, will save your costs greatly.
4. Choose your shipping method.
According to the weight, size and delivery time of your goods, the flexible choice is suitable for your mode of transportation. You should choose the mode of transportation of your goods according to the weight, size and the delivery time.
When you go to Amazon in Canada, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation, whether it is air, sea, or express, or let your freight forwarder recommend it to you, so you won’t lose money and valuable time.
Customs clearance and various documents may sound complicated, but as an Amazon seller, you should focus on improving your Amazon business, and handing these shipping burdens to a reliable Chinese freight forwarder for shipping from China to Canada, is really the best choice!


There is an increasing number of goods being imported from China, and for global sellers, purchasing from China is more economical than other countries like America or Europe (it includes shipping fees also).
China is the world’s largest exporting county and the trading partner of most Asian countries. No wonder foreign investors and growing startups businesses are interested in droppshiping from China.
The dropshipping business module help sellers reduce costs and increase their profits, becoming more popular than before.
Recently, numerous entrepreneurs have chosen to cooperate with dropshipping websites in China.
If you are an e-commerce seller such as Shopify, inventory and order management may take a lot of your time. And then, the dropshipping service came into being, so you can cooperate with a professional and experienced freight forwarder.
Store the goods (large or small) in your agent’s warehouse; they have their own system to interface with your e-commerce platform. So once your order is generated, the agent will immediately help you to ship the goods to the client, according to his needs. For speeding up the process, logistics and customs clearance are included.
 You may need a warehouse service during shipping from China to Australia. So what can warehouse services do for you?

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