The third freight route from Nanchang to Europe was successfully opened


In the early morning of March 12, an Airbus 330 plane carrying 25 tons of cargo took off from Nanchang Airport To Brussels, marking the smooth opening of the third cargo route from Nanchang to Europe, and a new road was opened on the air route from Nanchang to Europe. The first cargo flight from Nanchang to Brussels is operated by China Eastern Airlines A330 wide body passenger to cargo aircraft. It is planned to operate three flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On March 16, Hainan Airlines will also invest A330 passenger cargo aircraft to fly the route. It is planned to carry out three flights every Wednesday, Friday and July, and the freight route from Nanchang to Brussels will reach the frequency of six flights per week.

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the International Airport Flights in Nanchang airport have been suspended since April 2020. International cargo airlines have been on the offensive. They have opened all international cargo aircraft from Nanchang to Losangeles, London and New York, and Nanchang to Belgium (Liege) flights are up to 17 classes per week, all of which are carried out by Boeing 747 freighter. Create a high-frequency air cargo boutique channel to Europe.

The freight route from Nanchang to Brussels was successfully opened under the high attention of the provincial and municipal governments, and was strongly supported by Nanchang customs and border inspection. In order to strictly implement the epidemic prevention requirements, relevant departments of Nanchang, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Nanchang airport and Beijing Hongyuan logistics held coordination meetings for many times to study the epidemic prevention guarantee scheme and investigate the isolated hotels on the spot, Carefully sort out each detail and drill the guarantee process for many times to ensure that epidemic prevention and operation are "correct".

The opening of the freight route from Nanchang to Brussels is the result of the efforts of the provincial and municipal governments and the Provincial Airport Group to seek development under the pressure of the epidemic. Nanchang airport will continue to improve its airline network in the future, create a more open market development environment and contribute to Jiangxi inland open economic

Post time: Apr-08-2022