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“Our road transport service from Eastern China to Western Europe has gained in popularity while the COVID-19 crisis has spread throughout the continents as it is a viable alternative to both air, sea and rail,” says Manager Tine Jorgensen (Rail & Gateway) from our Air & Sea division and continues: “Our global network combined with a strong, local presence enables us to offer this attractive solution to our customers.”

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At the moment, road transport across continents is an attractive alternative to air freight

When COVID-19 closed borders and grounded more than 90% of passenger airplanes, air cargo capacity was slashed and prices on the remaining capacity soared.

Transit time for air freight from Shanghai, China to an airport in Western Europe is now around 8 days, last month it was up to 14 days.
With the still unusually high prices for air freight due to capacity constraints, road transport from China to Western Europe in just two and a half weeks is an attractive alternative.

About our China - Europe truck service

  • Short transit times (China-Europe in 15-25 days)
  • Considerably less expensive than air freight
  • Flexible departure times
  • Full and part truck loads (FTL and LTL)
  • All types of cargo
  • Hazardous materials only as FTL
  • Customers clearance incl. customs control to verify restricted goods such as personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Trucks may stop only at secured parking lots
  • GPS in trucks loaded at facilities
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About our China - Europe truck service

In the transportation by truck, a container truck, usually carrying 45-feet containers, is loaded from warehouses designated by customers to supervised warehouses in ports of Alashankou, Baketu and Huoerguosi in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region where the TIR foreign container truck takes over the job. The route of China-EU truck transportation: Shenzhen (loading containers), Mainland China—Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (port of exit)—Kazakhstan—Russia—Belarus Belarus—Poland/Hungary/Czech Republic/Germany/Belgium/UK. 

Using China-Europe truck transportation, products can be delivered directly to the address designated by customers for customs clearance and unloading. Door-to-door service and 24 hours operation is realized with faster speed. The rates of transportation by truck are only 1/3 of the air transportation, perfect for delivering FBA warehouse products. 

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About our China - Europe truck service

China-Europe truck transportation, following transportation by air, sea and railway, is the new mode of transportation that uses large trucks to deliver goods from China to Europe and is also called the fourth cross-border channel. The air transportation in the peak season is not as cost-effective as the transportation by truck, especially during the current pandemic period when the airline business has been globally affected. Many airline companies have to suspend flights, which aggravates the already very limited capacity of air transportation. What’s worse, if the pandemic gets much more serious, the flights will be overbooked and goods in airports will pile up with no end in sight. Compared with transportation by sea and railway, transportation by truck is faster and safer.


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